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Hello again!
This week I want to talk about cell phone snap shots. If you are like me, you have your phone (whether it be an iPhone, android or other) with you at all times, but not always your “real” camera. So we end up taking most of our day-to-day snap shots on them. But I am guessing that most of you (like me) rarely upload those pictures to your computer and/or actually get them printed, am I right??!! 
So, first I want to show you some of my favorite photo editing and sharing apps and then I want to talk about printing!
I did buy the pro camera app for my iPhone ($4.99), but to be honest, I hardly ever use it. The regular camera app is easy and pretty accurate and I don’t get bogged down by getting everything technically right and miss the moment. So, splurge on it if you want to get fancy sometimes and have some more options for customization, but don’t bother if you don’t want to be bothered. 😉
My absolute favorite editing app is called PicTapGo. It does cost $1.99 but is totally worth it! You can edit clean with lightening and brightening actions and then dial them back. You can also add some artistic and fun looks too and they aren’t too overwhelming. I love that you can give them as much of the filter as you want AND you can save your “recipes” that you use often. You can also crop your shot in the app and upload to my other favorite app Instagram. 🙂 Instagram is fun for sharing – do you Insta? If so, follow me at @kbsphoto and I would LOVE to follow you back!! 🙂 OK, so back on topic….I once read someone who was writing about Instagram and called it “the app that takes a picture and then smears butter all over it” and I kinda agree. The filters for editing are too heavy handed and often make the shot look worse. Maybe that’s my photographer’s eye, but it kinda bugs me. The one thing I love in Instagram (besides the sharing portion of it) is the little raindrop looking tool. It will blur out the edges of your shot (either in a circle or in a line.) You can adjust the size and type of blurring, and it just adds a fun little final punch!
I do have some other editing apps like Pixlromatic and Snapseed, which are both very good, I just don’t use them much since I found PicTapGo.


So now that you have a great shot that you edited to look fabulous are you just going to keep it on your phone forever?? Make sure you are backing them up to the cloud or directly to your computer every now and then. Then go through them and pick some to print!! You can even send pics to print directly from your phone using the Mpix app. Mpix is the sister company to the pro lab I use most often, and I always recommend them to my clients who buy digital files. They rock!! 🙂 
You can also create some fun Instagram collages with Persnickety Prints. I have yet to use them, but it is on my list to create one of these awesome collages!!
So, there you go. My favorite iPhone-ography apps and printing options!! Check ’em out, connect with me on Instagram, and GET THOSE PICTURES PRINTED!! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Just checked out PicTapGo and it is currently 50% off. So I downloaded it…now I can’t wait to try it! Great reviews…thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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