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Only a Year Late; Fall Mini Sessions 2015 {Richmond Family Photographer, Midlothian Photographer}

Well, I am gearing up to announce my 2016 Fall Mini Sessions….and as I am doing that I realized that I NEVER blogged LAST YEARS mini sessions!!

Worst. Blogger. Ever. 🙁

So, here are a few of my fav’s from my 2015 fall mini’s.

(BTW if you are interested in this years, make sure you have subscribed to my emails, and follow me on Facebook and Insta.)

altadonna-2812-bw_web altadonna-2828-bw_web altadonna-2841-bw_web altadonna-2889-bw_web

Studio Mini’s above.

Midlothian Mines Park below.  (This location will be offered this year too!)

franks-5603_web franks-5617_web franks-5645_web gardner-5449_web gardner-5560_web lish-5728_web lish-5783_web lish-5801_web lloyd-0152_web lloyd-0239_web lloyd-0304c_web mccann-0573_web mccann-0633_web morrall-0731_web morrall-0743_web morrall-0778_web morrall-0892_web pinar-0114re_web  pinar-5335_web pinar-5432_web

Midlothian Mines Park above.

Colonial Williamsburg below.

Both of these locations will be offered this year! (Although we will probably go to a different area of CW)

saimre-2945_web saimre-2983_web saimre-3140_web staab-2744-bw_web staab-2774-bw_web waddell-3215_web waddell-3249_web

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Holiday Mini Sessions are Here!! {Richmond, Midlothian, Williamsburg Photographer}

Richmond Virginia Holiday Mini Photography Sessions 2014
Contact us to set up your mini session.


Summer Mini Sessions!! Check ’em out!

Here is the info on the August 6th and 7th mini sessions. I will be scheduling 2 morning (8 and 8:30) and 2 evening sessions (7 and 7:30) each day. So, get your session while you can! Saturday will be in CW, Sunday will be at a spot along Colonial Pkwy (beach-y, open field look.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!! 😉

Grandma’s Are the Best!! {VA Family Photographer, Williamsburg Children’s Photographer}

I have wanted to get photos of my mom with my kids for a long time now, and since it was Spring Break and the kids were home all week I finally convinced her. I love how they are turning out, and I love that we now have these memories to treasure forever. 
Thanks mom!!

Isn’t my mom beautiful!! <3

She is not going to like that I posted this one….but it’s so fun! 😉

And the 3 hams….
On another note, 
I received an email yesterday that made my day. It was from another photographer, and total stranger, and it was so kind and uplifting that I just had to share it….here is a part of it…
“I just wanted to tell you that after all the pages I have surfed, your enthusiasm for what you do comes across better than any site I can recall. Is seems as though you are very genuine and down-to-earth…which to me, means very easy to work with! Your work is beautiful and well presented. The whole package just made me smile, and I thought you might like to hear that!”
 I did like hearing that, thank you so much Shellie!! I’ve decided that I am going to pass on more kind words and encouragement. We all could use it, couldn’t we? 😀

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!